Saturday, 8 June 2013

Return to Sender

Some years ago (yes, years) I discussed an idea with a friend, Justin Wong. That idea became a film script which we co-wrote, and Justin ultimately made that script into a short film.

The film has been out for a while; I honestly don't remember why I did not post it here but anyway, here it is.

It is admittedly a flawed end-product, but we (especially Justin) learnt a lot from the process of translating a script into film. Nabihan, who plays Vanessa, is a gem in this one.

It will be sent to some local screenings here and there.

Tell me what you think.

Saturday, 1 June 2013


We should go but
You don't have to accept it but
I know it's sounds bad but

So small a word
Three tiny letters
So dangerous

Cunning as it is lethal
Easily used
Impossible to resist

We'd like to keep you but
I know it's wrong but
You make sense but

The blade planted in a cupcake
The bee hidding in a bed of roses
The string that triggers the trap

You did good but
We ought to stop but
I love you but

You are lulled, then tethered, then smashed
Like a boat cruising on a gentle stream
Which takes a sudden turn
To a waterfall

I'd write more but