Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Want To Take You Away

A lot of times it’s barely conscious, but right now, at this very second, I am truly resigned to the fact that I miss England and the family, friends and dreams I left behind there.

S-A, please help, you know how to deal with this better than I do.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Bersih happened a week ago and it’s still swimming in my head, its energy and images buzzing between the electrodes in my brain. When I have time, I shall attempt to write a 1000 word article to make sense of it. Until then, less in-depth updates:

I went to Bukit Bintang today. Pavilion, Fahrenheit 88, Lot 10, y’know? That area lah.

I bought work shoes from a reputable brand. Cost me an arm and a leg but hopefully this pair lasts longer than my previous two (both fell apart before a year of use).

I’ve always suspected it, but today I’m sure: I just don’t like that part of KL. It’s over-crowded, the roads are always jammed, its buildings are far too close to one another and some spots there are so seedy you gape in amazement: stores selling four-figure designer shoes next to houses which look barely better than a squatter’s hut.

I can’t help but think, one day, when the population of the earth is 12 billion, we shall all live like this: heaving and thronging together, yet oblivious to one another, pushing, shoving, shouting, creating and tolerating massive air, ground and sound pollution around us as we go hell bent on consuming more goods we don’t need. We’ll rub shoulders with pimps, imitation goods sellers, sales people, street performers blowing bubles next to the homeless and of course, plane loads of tourists. There
’ll be no where to go to find any refuge or peace.

It’s tiring, that area. And from now on, I don’t think I’ll ever go to Pavilion to shop again. To meet up friends, watch a movie or eat, yes, but not to shop. The sales people there are so used to serving oil tycoons’ wives and the nouveau riche of the far east that you’re basically denigrated to Malaysian-who-won’t-spend-much, unworthy of their attention, unless of course you
re some Datin with the bling to prove it. Half the store people gave me looks like I was completely wasting their time the moment I walked through their doors.

And everyone there seems to have walked out of a fashion magazine. Do these people spend half their time in the gym and the other half buying trendy new clothes? It makes me extremely self conscious even when I
’m in khakis and a long-sleeved shirt. I’m not saying come in pajamas, but does everyone have to try so darn hard?

Add in the crowds and overpriced everything (toilets, parking, food, goods) and I really wonder: where’s the pleasure in shopping here?

On a different note: I’ve also written at WAMM about Alfian Sa’at’s Parah, a play staged by the Instant Cafe Theatre Company which I had the immense pleasure of catching 2 weeks ago. Read it here.

Have a great week ahead everyone, and God bless!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Food for Thought

Some articles of interest. I read them a while ago but only now do I have time to share them. Enjoy!

The Value of Following Passion in a Jobless World’ by Lane Wallace at The Atlantic

How to survive the age of distraction’ by Johann Hari at The Independent

(Both links via Doulos. Thanks!)

Is a Well-Lived Life Worth Anything?’ by Umair Haque at the Harvard Business Review Blog. (Link via Andy Ling. Thanks buddy!)

Friday, 15 July 2011


7.00am – Wake up, wash, walk out to morning air, say: “Today’s gonna be great!”
7.15am – Jog around neighbourhood, wave at strangers, get runner’s high.
8.15am – Shower.
8.30am – Power breakfast of mixed fruit smoothie, wholemeal bread and protein bar.
9.00am – Catch up on local and international news, send out long-due emails.
10.00am – Write article for website/publication/etc.
11.00am – Finish reading novel which should have been finished last month.
12.00pm – Help mum cook a lovely roast lunch.
1.00pm – Lunch with family, everyone updates each other on the week’s events.
2.00pm – Watch DVD with siblings, bond over laughter.
4.15pm – Drive off to KL.
5.00pm – Meet friends at Bangsar, brainstorm major social initiative project over food.
8.30pm – Watch intelligent play at KLPAC with friends.
10.30pm – Mamak session with obligatory intellectual analysis of play.
11.30pm – Leave for home.
12.00am – Wash, read chapter of Bible, sleep.

9.30am – Wake up, thinking, “What? It’s 9.30, I was supposed to jog at 7! Oh well…” Go back to bed.
10.45am – Actually wake up, walk aimlessly around room, wash.
11.00am – Muck about the house, channel surf, conclude nothing good’s on tv.
11.45am – Feel hungry, walk down to kitchen, cook instant noodles.
12.15pm – Facebook/youtube/twitter/other time-wasting sites.
1.00pm – Saunter down for lunch.
1.30pm – Wash up plates.
1.50pm – Shower.
2.10pm – More time-wasting on internet.
3.30pm – Mild panic that nothing productive has been done so far, pick up highly intellectual book to read.
3.40pm –  Notice disarray in room, start cleaning up instead.
4.15pm – “Man! I just spent more than half an hour cleaning up my room! How did it get so messy anyway? Oh, I’m hungry…snack time!” Dig around kitchen for junk food.
4.30 – "I want to write this amazing article in my head but…yawn…zzzz".
6.30 – "Dangit I napped too long!" Join siblings watching Disney Channel.
7.30 – Dinner out with family.
9.30 – Reach home. Check internet for news, followed by more time wasting.
11.00 – Feel guilty. Attempt to read intellectual book again.
11.30 – Use laptop to check definition of difficult word, then go on to facebook.
12.30 – Regret that Saturday has been wasted, wash, sleep.

Friday, 1 July 2011

The Last Platform of 2011

Hello People,
So we all know things seem pretty scary right now in our neck of the woods. Not the I'm-not-leaving-my-room kind of scary, more like...I-cannot-believe-how-absurd-and-stupid-this-is kind of scary, y'know?

Anyway, if you want to be un-scared, that is, if you want to do something that makes you go, "Hey, it's not all bad in this yellow-phobic country, there's hope!", then I suggest you come share the love with me this Monday evening at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre.

I'm emceeing the last of klpac's Platform showcases for 2011. The Platform is an open mic night for theatre where new writers, directors and actors come strut their shinny new stuff, and if that's not enticing enough, I'm directing a short play and one of my short plays is being staged. Not only that, we have a full slate of 7 (yes SEVEN) new pieces for your viewing pleasure.

Date: 4th July 2011 Monday
Time: 8.30pm
Venue: indicine, Level 2 of klpac, Sentul Park.
Price: FREE

No kidding guys, it's free, just show up at the door! Now, why would you choose being stuck in a jam and cursing yourself to a FREE show where you can watch seven great plays and support new talent in the performing arts?

See you there!