Friday, 15 July 2011


7.00am – Wake up, wash, walk out to morning air, say: “Today’s gonna be great!”
7.15am – Jog around neighbourhood, wave at strangers, get runner’s high.
8.15am – Shower.
8.30am – Power breakfast of mixed fruit smoothie, wholemeal bread and protein bar.
9.00am – Catch up on local and international news, send out long-due emails.
10.00am – Write article for website/publication/etc.
11.00am – Finish reading novel which should have been finished last month.
12.00pm – Help mum cook a lovely roast lunch.
1.00pm – Lunch with family, everyone updates each other on the week’s events.
2.00pm – Watch DVD with siblings, bond over laughter.
4.15pm – Drive off to KL.
5.00pm – Meet friends at Bangsar, brainstorm major social initiative project over food.
8.30pm – Watch intelligent play at KLPAC with friends.
10.30pm – Mamak session with obligatory intellectual analysis of play.
11.30pm – Leave for home.
12.00am – Wash, read chapter of Bible, sleep.

9.30am – Wake up, thinking, “What? It’s 9.30, I was supposed to jog at 7! Oh well…” Go back to bed.
10.45am – Actually wake up, walk aimlessly around room, wash.
11.00am – Muck about the house, channel surf, conclude nothing good’s on tv.
11.45am – Feel hungry, walk down to kitchen, cook instant noodles.
12.15pm – Facebook/youtube/twitter/other time-wasting sites.
1.00pm – Saunter down for lunch.
1.30pm – Wash up plates.
1.50pm – Shower.
2.10pm – More time-wasting on internet.
3.30pm – Mild panic that nothing productive has been done so far, pick up highly intellectual book to read.
3.40pm –  Notice disarray in room, start cleaning up instead.
4.15pm – “Man! I just spent more than half an hour cleaning up my room! How did it get so messy anyway? Oh, I’m hungry…snack time!” Dig around kitchen for junk food.
4.30 – "I want to write this amazing article in my head but…yawn…zzzz".
6.30 – "Dangit I napped too long!" Join siblings watching Disney Channel.
7.30 – Dinner out with family.
9.30 – Reach home. Check internet for news, followed by more time wasting.
11.00 – Feel guilty. Attempt to read intellectual book again.
11.30 – Use laptop to check definition of difficult word, then go on to facebook.
12.30 – Regret that Saturday has been wasted, wash, sleep.


Anonymous said...

there are 2 Ls in intellect, intellectual etc.

Joshy said...

Whoops! Spell check fail! Thanks for the correction Anon! :)

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