Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Through Every Precious Day

Nota keterangan latihan dalam kamar saya, dari tarikh 12hb Julai hingga 23hb Julai, 2010.

D124 (12th July): I got a feeling it's gonna be a good week.

D125: Legal Aid, then homecoming-cum-birthday celebration for A-S.

D126: Arrrrrrggggggh!!!

D127: Ethics & Professional Standards Exam at LPPKN Building (I hope I pass!), then lunch at the Royal Selangor Club.

D128: Seeking balance.

D129 (19th July): I barely remember the weekend happening.

D130: A mentally stimulating day, in the non-law sense.

D131: I miss authentic pub grub served in authentic pubs.

D132: My story is still in the writing.

D133: Another restless, lonely, pathetic Friday night in an endless stream of restless, lonely, pathetic Friday nights.

This Friday, I shall not be a victim again. This Friday, I'm going to leave the office on time. This Friday, I shall have somewhere to go and something to do. This Friday, I'm gonna paint the town red. And ain't nobody gonna stop me.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Can Barely Stand On My Feet

More notes from the dark side.

D114 (28th June): "Please don't go to Malik Imtiaz and ask him for an autograph. Jatuh standard man."

D115: Legal Aid at Tenaganita. Truly, I am blessed.

D116: Work will never end, but your life may, today.

D117: New love is fleeting, but old hate festers.

D118: Introductory session with Ms. Pushpa at Brickfields.

D119 (5th July): "Well, it looks benign, but if it doesn't go away by next Monday, we'll have to take a sample for tests."

D120: Legal Aid. This country scares me sometimes.

D121: The meds are making me weak.

D122: Very sick. At work. Yeah, hardcore, I know.

D123: Regret is life's best and most useless teacher; you'll always learn the lesson—after it's too late.


The past week was one of the most challenging work weeks for me, as the antibiotics I took to combat an ulcer (500mg!) wrecked havoc on my body, leading to coughing, a dry throat, phlegm build up and a very bad fever. I had not been that sick since I came back from the UK. Thankfully, I'm much better now.

I realised that when you're really sick, the world just seems like an awful place to be in, nobody cares and life just seems to suck. It was very hard to remain positive about anything. I thank God that for most of the time, I am blessed with good health.

As for the ulcer itself, it has subsided, but I still need to follow up with the doc about it. I guess we'll see what he says tomorrow?

(On a different note, when I googled "somebody to love lyrics", the first result was Justin Beiber's song, the second Glee Cast's cover, the third Leighton Meester's and the fourth, yes, FOURTH was Queen's. This is say, I sad, sad.)

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Quote of the Week

"The way to start writing isn't to start writing at all, but by living. It isn't about creating something from thin air, but about documenting our personal feelings about the things that we see, or to put it crudely, how are you going to be a storyteller if you have no story to tell? Perhaps, in the end, there are not such things as creative people; there are only sharp observers with sensitive hearts."
Yasmin Ahmad (January 7, 1958 - July 25, 2009), Malaysian director, writer, scriptwriter, ad-woman, and sorely missed storyteller.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Blog & Roll: Stuff No One Told Me

I know, it's been a while since the last feature. Work saps away so much of me.

Anyway, I discovered this via another blog. Still in it's early stages, but already showing a lot of promise. Click on the title post to visit the blog.

Sepuluh Haiku untuk Memandu di KL

One of the reasons I think Amir Muhammad is da man. Click on the post title to read his hilarious poetry.