Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Through Every Precious Day

Nota keterangan latihan dalam kamar saya, dari tarikh 12hb Julai hingga 23hb Julai, 2010.

D124 (12th July): I got a feeling it's gonna be a good week.

D125: Legal Aid, then homecoming-cum-birthday celebration for A-S.

D126: Arrrrrrggggggh!!!

D127: Ethics & Professional Standards Exam at LPPKN Building (I hope I pass!), then lunch at the Royal Selangor Club.

D128: Seeking balance.

D129 (19th July): I barely remember the weekend happening.

D130: A mentally stimulating day, in the non-law sense.

D131: I miss authentic pub grub served in authentic pubs.

D132: My story is still in the writing.

D133: Another restless, lonely, pathetic Friday night in an endless stream of restless, lonely, pathetic Friday nights.

This Friday, I shall not be a victim again. This Friday, I'm going to leave the office on time. This Friday, I shall have somewhere to go and something to do. This Friday, I'm gonna paint the town red. And ain't nobody gonna stop me.


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