Saturday, 7 August 2010

Here's to the Future for the Dreams of Youth

Note from my pupillage, July 26th to August 2nd.

D134 (July 26th): The things we do for our firm!

D135: SA>KL>Putrajaya>SA.

D136: Tonight someone told me I had a "happening" life. I wish she knew better.

D137: Favouritism can go both ways.

D138: Hmm...haven't had that in a while!

D139 (August 2nd): Late night bondage.

D140: Today at Legal Aid, I had lunch with someone who was actually detained under Operasi Lalang.

D141: "Typewriter a bit cracko today". LOL!

D142: Civil Litigation Workshop at KLBC.

D143: "Lunch Break" made it to the final showcase. Yay!


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