Sunday, 22 August 2010


According to a farmer in the show "Kill It, Cook It, Eat it", most male calves in the UK are killed (by being shot in the head) and then a small portion of that is fed to wildlife reserves. The rest are simply incinerated. Why? Farmers don't need them: they only need a few bulls to impregnate cows, bulls produce no milk and their market value is lower than their rearing costs. There is simply no market for veal in the UK because most people feel it is cruel to eat young animals. Talk about irony. 
I admit that the text above is pretty random so to give you a little context: I wrote it shortly after I watched a documentary when I was studying in Manchester, circa January 2008. I know the date because I wrote it as an email message and saved it as a draft. Why I chose to write it, I can't quite remember (perhaps there was no real reason).

I also can't remember everything about the documentary, but I do remember it was about the ethical issues surrounding eating meat (which was a hot topic when I was there), in particular meat from young animals. I remember members of the audience were offered cooked suckling pig, veal, foie gras, etc, and some people adamantly refused to eat some things. I particularly remember I was shocked to see on screen how a cute little calf was just shot in with a gun by a farmer, then sent to be incinerated. It seemed ridiculous to me! Yeah, I know pretty random stuff to remember. 

There's no real reason I'm posting this, except to get it out of my email drafts and put it here for posterity...but perhaps I'm compelled to do this now because I found out today that two of my friends will be going to Exeter and Imperial to study next month. 

It brings me back to 4 years ago about this time, when I was scurrying to get my student visa, air ticket, uni accommodation and other things all sorted, filed with gut-wrenching excitement, mortifying apprehension, delirious confusion and just flat-out exhaustion before I left for the UK to pursue my degree. 

It's been 2 years since I've returned, and honestly, there are still days when I miss the place, or rather, the people there.

I can't believe it's been so long. How time flies.

Justin and Samuel, I wish you all the best. I do envy you guys. 


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