Sunday, 22 August 2010

So Much to Do in One Life Time

The past two weeks has been a mini roller-coaster: I moved from happy revelation to near-depression to elation again. 

Here are the notes to my pupillage, August 9th to 20th.

D144 (August 9th): You call this a Mega Sale? Sale my arse!

D145: Half day Legal Aid and half day Exit Evaluation at KL Bar.

D146: Half Day Internal End Evaluation at Tenaganita. Ramadan and fasting begins for Muslims.

D147: Farewell dinner for Regina and Birthday dinner for Wayne, with special appearances.

D148: Bible class, pizza after.

On Saturday 14th, things started to go downhill. 

At the first meeting for a theatre project I was involved in, I was given a "relaxed" schedule which I had doubts I could fully commit to due to the unpredictable nature of my job.  I had to make a very difficult decision of whether or not to pull out, as I did not want to be the one missing rehearsals, showing up late and making excuses. It would not be fair to everyone else in the team who was fully committed.

After leaving the first meeting with those doubts, my already tiddly heart sank to my feet when I saw my (mum's) car.  The driver's door had been smashed by some twat who left no trace of his identity, and could not be traced since there were no CCTVs in the open air parking lot. Yeah well, it happens. Thankfully neither the side fender nor the window system needed replacing. It still cost a bomb to fix though.

I was not happy. at. all. I couldn't sleep on Saturday and Sunday, and was very moody till Thursday night.

D149 (August 16th): Monday blue-hoo-hoos.

D150: Legal Aid. Not a happy bunny.

D151: I'm running out of distractions.

D152: Last Legal Aid duty day. Touched by an angel. Farewell for Senator Gursky. 

D153: Buka puasa with firm staff and farewell for Ruth.

By Wednesday, I finally decided to pull out of the project. On Thursday I met up with the man in charge. Turns out he was some kind of angel and gave me a lifeline. I'm still in. Thank God. I'm happy again. :)

(But don't get me started on the Bar Council Secretariat and Legal Qualifying Board. The attitudes of some people there is disgusting).


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