Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Selamat Hari Merdeka ke-53.

To my fellow Malaysians,
I wish you a very 53rd Happy Merdeka/Independence/National Day.
Keranamu 1Malaysia Menjana Transformasi Truly Asia Boleh Berkhidmat Majulah Sukan Untuk Negara Bersih Cekap Amanah Buat Kerja

Forgive the photo's clich├ęd-ness but at least I took it myself. On Merdeka Eve. While returning from work. At 11.30pm. Man I love this country.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

So Much to Do in One Life Time

The past two weeks has been a mini roller-coaster: I moved from happy revelation to near-depression to elation again. 

Here are the notes to my pupillage, August 9th to 20th.

D144 (August 9th): You call this a Mega Sale? Sale my arse!

D145: Half day Legal Aid and half day Exit Evaluation at KL Bar.

D146: Half Day Internal End Evaluation at Tenaganita. Ramadan and fasting begins for Muslims.

D147: Farewell dinner for Regina and Birthday dinner for Wayne, with special appearances.

D148: Bible class, pizza after.

On Saturday 14th, things started to go downhill. 

At the first meeting for a theatre project I was involved in, I was given a "relaxed" schedule which I had doubts I could fully commit to due to the unpredictable nature of my job.  I had to make a very difficult decision of whether or not to pull out, as I did not want to be the one missing rehearsals, showing up late and making excuses. It would not be fair to everyone else in the team who was fully committed.

After leaving the first meeting with those doubts, my already tiddly heart sank to my feet when I saw my (mum's) car.  The driver's door had been smashed by some twat who left no trace of his identity, and could not be traced since there were no CCTVs in the open air parking lot. Yeah well, it happens. Thankfully neither the side fender nor the window system needed replacing. It still cost a bomb to fix though.

I was not happy. at. all. I couldn't sleep on Saturday and Sunday, and was very moody till Thursday night.

D149 (August 16th): Monday blue-hoo-hoos.

D150: Legal Aid. Not a happy bunny.

D151: I'm running out of distractions.

D152: Last Legal Aid duty day. Touched by an angel. Farewell for Senator Gursky. 

D153: Buka puasa with firm staff and farewell for Ruth.

By Wednesday, I finally decided to pull out of the project. On Thursday I met up with the man in charge. Turns out he was some kind of angel and gave me a lifeline. I'm still in. Thank God. I'm happy again. :)

(But don't get me started on the Bar Council Secretariat and Legal Qualifying Board. The attitudes of some people there is disgusting).


According to a farmer in the show "Kill It, Cook It, Eat it", most male calves in the UK are killed (by being shot in the head) and then a small portion of that is fed to wildlife reserves. The rest are simply incinerated. Why? Farmers don't need them: they only need a few bulls to impregnate cows, bulls produce no milk and their market value is lower than their rearing costs. There is simply no market for veal in the UK because most people feel it is cruel to eat young animals. Talk about irony. 
I admit that the text above is pretty random so to give you a little context: I wrote it shortly after I watched a documentary when I was studying in Manchester, circa January 2008. I know the date because I wrote it as an email message and saved it as a draft. Why I chose to write it, I can't quite remember (perhaps there was no real reason).

I also can't remember everything about the documentary, but I do remember it was about the ethical issues surrounding eating meat (which was a hot topic when I was there), in particular meat from young animals. I remember members of the audience were offered cooked suckling pig, veal, foie gras, etc, and some people adamantly refused to eat some things. I particularly remember I was shocked to see on screen how a cute little calf was just shot in with a gun by a farmer, then sent to be incinerated. It seemed ridiculous to me! Yeah, I know pretty random stuff to remember. 

There's no real reason I'm posting this, except to get it out of my email drafts and put it here for posterity...but perhaps I'm compelled to do this now because I found out today that two of my friends will be going to Exeter and Imperial to study next month. 

It brings me back to 4 years ago about this time, when I was scurrying to get my student visa, air ticket, uni accommodation and other things all sorted, filed with gut-wrenching excitement, mortifying apprehension, delirious confusion and just flat-out exhaustion before I left for the UK to pursue my degree. 

It's been 2 years since I've returned, and honestly, there are still days when I miss the place, or rather, the people there.

I can't believe it's been so long. How time flies.

Justin and Samuel, I wish you all the best. I do envy you guys. 

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Yes Please!

Unfortunately for me, and all other Malaysians who enjoy music not found on the American Top 40, many great albums are not published in "Malaysian Editions" and sell for RM50 and above per CD. And you wonder why piracy flourishes?

As for some of the albums below, heck, I'd be lucky to find any edition in the stores.

Mumford & Sons
Sigh No More

Rufus Wainwright
All the Days are Nights: Songs for Lulu

Ray LaMontange & The Pariah Dogs
God Willing & The Creek Don't Rise

Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

Scissor Sisters
Night Work

Bilalah rakyat Malaysia akan dapat nikmati Amazon.com.my?

Here's to the Future for the Dreams of Youth

Note from my pupillage, July 26th to August 2nd.

D134 (July 26th): The things we do for our firm!

D135: SA>KL>Putrajaya>SA.

D136: Tonight someone told me I had a "happening" life. I wish she knew better.

D137: Favouritism can go both ways.

D138: Hmm...haven't had that in a while!

D139 (August 2nd): Late night bondage.

D140: Today at Legal Aid, I had lunch with someone who was actually detained under Operasi Lalang.

D141: "Typewriter a bit cracko today". LOL!

D142: Civil Litigation Workshop at KLBC.

D143: "Lunch Break" made it to the final showcase. Yay!