Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Hello you sexy things!
I'm sorry there's been a short lag on the blog. I've been busy helping out friends do a very challenging Melbourne Puzzle Hunt. The puzzles aren't in any way easy. In fact, they are quite-literally mind-numbing (you can try them for yourself), so I've devoted most of my cerebral energies to that cause, and I'm pretty sure I've already lost 3% of my grey matter. It doth maketh me feel stupide, thif Puzzle Hunte.

But fret not. By Friday the Hunt will be over, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the video below. I still can't believe it's for real.

P.S. Welcome back Ash!


Anonymous said...

I would try to believe everything else, but leonardo ba-vinci?? unbelievable! very awesome though!


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