Monday, 8 June 2009

Shout Out

To all of you who have finished or are soon to finish their BVC, LPC, or undergrad courses: Congratulations!!! I'm proud of all of you!


Anonymous said...

Well, technically I am not done til the 19th but screw it la, thank youuuu. I just hope I didn't do too badly sigh. Good luck for your exams! You can do it!

Oh sorry about the previous comment. So I can't comment with my signed in profile is it?


Algy said...

Hi Lyd,
Yes, Shara told me Manchester still had a short bit to go, which is why I wrote "who have finished or are soon to finish". :)

Oh don't worry, you'll do great, and I'm very happy for and proud of you!

No worries about the comment, you can use your singed in profile but I'd prefer if you didn't, at least for now.

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