Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Dear Santa

I've been a good boy. Honest. Ok, not like totally-never-said-a-bad-word-the-whole-year good, but still pretty good. I mean for a lawyer that isn't easy, y'know?

So like, I'll be putting my stocking next to my window (sorry bro, no fireplace) and you can just slip in an ipad2 and a smartphone and dSLR camera (some lens would be nice too) and keys to a nice sports car (which you can leave on the driveway) and the deed to a new house in my name and while you're at it some 1st class flight tickets to the UK as well.

Ok, if you can't give me the car and the house and the extra lens, no probs, I'll be ok. Really, no biggie.

That's all, love you, kthxbai.


Merry Christmas Everybody, and may your wishes come true, whatever they are.


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