Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Writing for WAMM

I've just written two posts at WAMM.
One is about Khai's new movie Relationship Status which you can read here.
The other is about the upcoming re-staging of two awesomesauce plays: Parah and Someone Who'll Watch Over Me, which you can read here.

I wrote about these movies and plays because I sincerely believe them to be worth my time and the time of my friends.

If you can spend 4 hours watching Korean dramas / American sitcoms, you can spare 2 hours to watch a local production. If you can spend RM11 on a Hollywood rom-com, you can spare the same for a local movie. If you can spend RM400 on a West End/Broadway musical (transferred from Melbourne) and go to Singapore to watch it, you can spend RM40 on a play at a local theater. Put your prejudice and skepticism aside and support our local arts.


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