Sunday, 16 March 2014


I took my things the day I left you, 
I left you to the left,
Or was it to the right?
The left, I think that's right
I can't recall anymore.

But besides the things I took,
I think I forgot to take
Some thing, or things,
(I can't recall anymore)
Which I left behind, to your right.

What was it? I can't recall,
What they were for, even that
I can't recall anymore
Was it that many things
Which we shared?

Looking back I suspect that,
That which I left behind
Was something (or things)
Which helped me remember
The things I forgot,
Things I can't recall anymore.

Perhaps that's for the better,
and I'll just use what's left, 
To make right, what I can recall,
And leave together behind,
To the left, or the right
It doesn't matter anymore.


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