Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Inaugural Jukebox: Divas!

Thanks to YouTube and the people who use it, I can now bring to the blog another feature: Jukebox. With a name like that, it's are pretty self-explanatory, right? The idea is to embed videos of music (or music videos) I like, and each post will have a theme of sorts.

The first theme is 'Divas!' in honour of the strong women and mothers out there (and in my life). The singers here aren't as famous as the more well-known divas of the music world (Mariah, Whitney, Beyoncé, Madonna, et al), but they are no less gifted or entertaining.

First, we have the lovely Ms. Norah Jones, singing "Lonestar".

And then the talented Ms. Donna Murphy, belting out "Hit Me With A Hot Note".

The amazing Ms. Audra McDonald with "Moon River".

Now, the incomparable Ms., or rather Dame, Judi Dench, singing "Send in the Clowns". She's obviously far better known for her acting than her singing, but she proves by this song that she can blend the two quite well.

And the one and only Ms. Bernadette Peters singing "Sooner or Later".

And finally, Ms. Norah Jones again, with "I've Got To See You Again". And yes, you really ought to see these ladies again. Go check out their other stuff.

I wanted to include Barb Jungr as well, but the only videos of her either couldn't be embedded or had poor sound quality. Anyway, you can Google/YouTube search her on your own. She's brilliant.

Hope you enjoyed this. Your feedback and suggestions (for themes perhaps) would be appreaciated.


Anonymous said...

Excellent choices. Donna Murphy is truly one and only!

How about the male equivalent of this theme? :)


Algy said...

Thanks Lyd, good to hear from you. Yes, a male equivalent theme is definitely in the works, but I'm not sure what to call the theme yet. :)

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