Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Happy Malaysia Day

Dear Malaysians,
Our brothers and sisters across the South China Sea deserve better than to be insulted every year by adverts saying "Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia!" on the 31st of August. It irks me that something as critical as the birth date of our nation can not only be so casually forgotten, but negligently misrepresented.

Malaysia, as a nation, became a reality today, 46 (not 52) years ago. How would you like to be called 52 all the time when you've just passed 45 years? Not very much, I should expect. That we can't even get our facts right betrays our less-than-concerned attitude towards the welfare of East Malaysians. It's time we end the ignorance, end the abuse, and start being fair (like we promised 46 years ago).



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