Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Top 10 Myths Pasal Merdeka

Fahmi Reza is, in his own way, a revisionist of Malaysian history. Mind you, he isn't hired by anyone to do it, nor is he in it for profit (his offers his work to view/download for free).

As I am one who finds it important to challenge official or accepted narratives, I believe he is an important figure in both revisiting our history and opening up debate on it (even his findings will not find agreement with all Malaysians).

Click on the post's title to read his short piece for PopIN. I know he says "Kalau tak percaya tengok aku punya movie" here and there, but if you you haven't actually watched his movies ("10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka" and its sequel "Revolusi 48"), you really ought to (and where the heck have you been anyway?). They are available all over the internet. Just google the titles. Don't be lazy.

Thanks to Ash for the link.


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