Monday, 26 October 2009

Here's To The Rest Of My Life

Hello World,
My name is Joshua Chong, and today is my birthday.
As I turn a year older today, it's only appropriate that I take on a bit more responsibility...I will begin by removing the veil of anonymity I have worn here.

I am doing this more in the interests of responsible, accountable and transparent blogging than for any dramatic reason—after all, most of you already know who I am and "Algernon deWeizer" was a laughably flimsy cover anyway.

So from now on, you can link up this blog using my real name (in fact please do), and identify yourself when commenting. In the interests of continuity, I will continue to use "Algernon" as my pen name.

By an odd, almost divine coincidence, today is also the day a chapter of my life closes for good.

I finished sitting for my Certificate in Legal Practice referral paper earlier today at UM, and with that I end my formal study of law, probably forever.

I have this much to say about the CLP: NEVER AGAIN! One year's tyranny and degradation is enough to last a lifetime.

I realise the greatest gift I have received throughout the past 12 months are the people who have rallied around me with love, sympathy, generosity and patience. People who had faith in me and gave me support and hope even as I went through a horrendous experience and lost a lot of self-confidence. And what's even more amazing is that I hardly know some of them.

I also realise that not all the people you expect to help you will comprehend your difficulties or symphatise with you. Not all of them will be there even if you helped them in their times tough times. Learn not expect people to repay you that way.

To those who stood by me, thank you for pulling me through. I am moved by the generous spirits. My faith in humanity is restored because of you. I know at times I have been difficult to deal with the past year and I'm sorry. For putting up with me when I could hardly put up with myself, a million times thank you.

I am looking forward to a prolonged celebration after my "self-imposed ascetic house arrest". Call me, text me, message me online or email me, because wherever, whatever and whenever it is, the answer is "Yes".

So three cheers to the rest of my life, wherever it may lead.

I wish you well,


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