Thursday, 29 October 2009

I Wish I Was In New York

...although it's actually transferring from London.


GJ said...

Angela lansbury is still active? oo...

Farrah Abdullah said...

Hey Josh!

Thanks for the comment and yea, I watched Groundhog Day and I liked it :) It's really meaningful, well 50 First Dates is good too but there's more in Groundhog than 50 First Dates :)

How are things going on with you? I hope you're okay :)

Oh is that a new movie? Btw, I'll link you back, soon. Thanks for visiting mine. Hehe.

Joshy said...

GJ: Oh yes, she's still very much active. She just won a Tony last year for a role in a Noel Coward Play.

Farrah: Hi you! Groundhog Day was good wasn't it? The poster is for a Broadway musical revival. Thanks for dropping by
Where are you now by the way?

Farrah Abdullah said...

Oh I'm still in Manchester, doing BVC. Tee-hee.

Ada movies lain yang you boleh recommend? :)

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