Tuesday, 17 November 2009


- The first thing I did this morning was clean up an oil spill in front of my house driveway.  Nope, it wasn't pretty and yup, I'm freaking serious.

- The gig at Homegrown Space last Tuesday was the awesome, for the most part. The space was very, erm, "intimate", but the music was great. Can't say that about the crowd though, which was rather uptight. Why is it that I was the only one digging Malay hip-hop band SSK's hilarious lyrics? Malay isn't even my first language!

- My cousin has been in hospital since last Wednesday, recovering from serious poisoning. Please pray for him.

- My CLP results are coming out soon. Gaaaahhh!

- I am scouting out firms for a chambering position.

- I am catching up on my reading. It's Conrad right now. I should be finished with "Heart of Darkness" in a bit.

- I read this article by Ding Jo-Ann at The Nut Graph. Isn't VK the shizz? Isn't the Malaysian government's response awesome? Inspiring, really.

- I am really appalled with Streamyx's so-called "broadband" service; there is hardly a band, let alone a broad one! Malaysia has one of the slowest average broadband speeds in Asia and one of the most expensive rates. What a blinking joke that Dr. M wanted to set up the MSC, attract international IT and software companies investments and to set up an International IT Court in Malaysia, when the man on the street can't even stream a video without growing a beard. Read about Bernice Low's struggle against Streamyx here (caution: more reasons to love the Malaysian government). At least she rants on CNET Asia. All I did was join the "Streamyx Sucks" group on facebook.

- I hope you're well!


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