Saturday, 19 December 2009


Christmas trees, baubles, interviews, traffic jams, rehearsals, props, mamak, more jams, more interviews, piercing questions, more rehearsals, soul searching, an absolutely beautiful mansion, selling, spinning,  declining, hotels, proms, ships, murder, bad mikes, calls, pole dancing, stars in my eyes (and in my room), cupcakes, Hannah Yeoh, lesson prep, teaching, cake & coffee, Baskin Robbins, walnuts, the Sister's friends, editing, an awesome wedding...with cupcakes! (Congrats Pauline and Mike!), Christmas songs, coffee with an old friend,  reminiscing, malls, buying tickets for Light in KL City (playing at KLPAC: PLEASE GO WATCH IT PEOPLE!), photocopying, more food...

Gosh, it's been a wonderfully busy and tiring week!


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