Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Some Updates

I have been, as I said before, busy getting the Kota Kemuning church building ready. I am glad to say that the building was dedicated last Saturday, and the event went very well. On Sunday, we had our first service there. As I've said before, it was a lot of work setting up a new congregation, and I'm very glad the building was ready on time. The membership is of course proud of what we've accomplished; we really put in blood, sweat and tears into this. However, we know the hard work has just begun and we're glad we can start serving the community. We are also humbly thankful for God's providence. I pray He will continue to grant us wisdom, faith, strength, patience and endurance.

Now that that's done, I will be busy helping out some friends direct a short play for a High School Prom this 17th. I've always wanted to do this so hopefully it will be a good learning experience.

And oh yes, I guess I should mention that I got my CLP resit results today. I passed. The funny thing is, some people around me are making a far bigger fuss than I am about this...


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