Sunday, 31 January 2010

So Far So Good...

...but it's not good that my office is so far away. :(

Anyway, since I started work, I've written a short quip every day to encapsulate my day at work. A daily lesson, question, remark or observation.

So here's what I have for the month of January, starting from Tuesday 5th up to Friday January 29th.

Day 1 (5th January): Appearances are meant to be deceiving.

D2: The dark side is actually bright—blindingly bright!

D3: Irony is funny. Embrace it.

D4: Can you work in black, live in grey and then die in white?

D5 (11th January): My first Monday blues! Hurray!

D6: Everything is urgent here.

D7: Conscience, can you please shut up? I'm trying to work here.

D8: If you're the last one out of the office, make sure you dance to the exit, or at least frolic.

D9: TGIF does not apply to everyone.

D10 (18th January): Petition filed at High Court. Nine months countdown starts today.

D11: The only thing scarier than losing all your current friends is knowing that soon, your only friends will be your colleagues.

D12: Suits and ties were not designed to be worn in tropical climates.

D13: There're agents everywhere! Arrrgggh!

D14: Goodbye Li Chen!

D15 (25th January): You can choose not to your work back in your briefcase, but can you choose not to bring it back in your head?

D16: Try not to judge humanity by the conduct of KL's rush hour drivers.

D17: "The only guide to a man is his conscience, the only shield to his memory is the rectitude and the sincerity of his action." Justice Muhammad Kamil Awang

D18: Work is worship.

D19: Black and tan cake at DOME makes everything ok...for 10 minutes.

I'll see if I can keep this up for all 9 months of my pupillage period. I'm wondering though, should I use Twitter to do this? It seems sensible, but I always feel Twitter is meant for a)famous people, b) people with interesting lives, c)pundits and wits or d) narcissistic people...none of which I am (ok, so I am a tiny bit narcissistic).

What do you think? To tweet or not to tweet?


Anonymous said...

Tweet. But by way of Blogspot, because I can't be arsed to follow you on another website.

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Joshy said...

I appreciate your comment, but who the heck are you?

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