Sunday, 31 January 2010

One Bit At A Time

One extra hour.
One long meeting.
One ass kissed.
One deal brokered.
One project completed.
One inching deadline.
One skipped meal.
One sleepless night.
One cheque received.
One bigger risk.
One higher target.
One tougher goal.
One award won.
One enviable bonus.
That is how wealth is gained: one bit at a time.

One canceled dinner.
One forgotten birthday.
One unreplied letter.
One movie missed.
One gig passed.
One book left unread.
One unwritten poem.
One less night out.
One reunion unattended.
One record not played.
One song not sung.
One invitation declined.
One promise broken.
One friend left adrift.
That is how a life is lost: one bit at a time.


gj said...

I love this post. :)

Joshy said...

Thank you very much for loving it. :)

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