Monday, 1 February 2010

You Know You're A REAL Lawyer When...

You stock more food in the office fridge than in your home fridge.

You have seriously considered installing some sort of sofa bed in the empty cubicle at the back of the office.

Your regular lunch hour spot serves you first because you told them how much you lost on your hourly rate when their food came late.

Your idea of a pleasant dream is your client paying your bill promptly without disputing anything.

Your idea of a nightmare is losing a case...then getting sued for professional negligence.

You call your secretary to check your email when you're out, just in case.

Your drawers contain more than 3 of these: paracetamol, sachets of sugar,  ketchup, instant coffee, energy bars, file ribbons, a spare tie, a spare shirt, small bottles of shower gel and shampoo, breath mints, periodicals from the Bar Council or other law firms, multivitamins, the Contracts Act, the Companies Act, the National Land Code, the Penal Code, the Evidence Act, the Sale of Goods Act, the Banking and Financial Institutes Act and a voodoo doll of your managing partner.

You invite lawyers from your firm over for Sunday dinner....

....then talk about work.

You have read both Adorna Properties v Boonsom Boonyanit and Boonsom Boonyanit v Adorna Properties...and you know which came first.

You have to be pre-booked 2 months in advance for anything.

You print everything with a one inch margin.

You take longer to answer "Who's your favourite actor?" than "Who's your favourite judge?".

You have broken at least two Practice & Etiquette Rules.

You know the corresponding High Court and Sub Court Rules by heart.

You have been to the Bilik Jilid of the Court Complex more than 3 times.

You spend your weekends planning how to spend your work week.

You know the difference between Letters of Administration, Letters of Administration with Will Annexed and Letters of Administration de bonis non.

You use Latin even when unnecessary.

When your friend promises you something, you ask "Can you give me that in black and white...with a time-frame?".


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