Friday, 26 February 2010

This Month's Notes

Every day of my pupillage, I jot down a few words to remember the day by.
February has been a short due to its 28 days and many holidays. These are my notes for my second month, starting from the 2nd (the 1st was Federal Territories Day).

D20 (2nd February): New chambie in today.

D21: Forms 3, 4 & 5 extracted today. Short call date: 15th March 2010, 2.30pm.

D22: Do not cast aspersions.

D23: Pagination is a dirty word.

D23A & D23B (Sat 5th & Sun 6th): Came to the office. Was not the only one.

D24: Another new chambie!

D25: I think I killed about 2 large trees today.

D26: 29 bundles. 5 letters. 3 different locations. 2 pupils. 1 Proton Persona and 1 wonky trolley.

D27: You have to fight to have any semblance of a life outside of the office, you have to fight for you.

D28: Off work till next Thursday for CNY. Hurrah!

D29 (Thur 18th February): Back from CNY holiday (which was no fun). Quiet office. Highly unusual.

D30: I left on time today. Everybody was shocked.

D31: I think I'll get by with a little help from my friends.

D32: Time is of the essence.

D34: My partner asked me: why so serious?

D35: Long weekend, hurrah! Paycheck coming soon, double hurrah!


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