Saturday, 11 September 2010

Rest Your Weary Head and Let Your Heart Decide.

Although the past few weeks I have enjoyed days off on Nuzul Quran and Merdeka Day, I am still immensely glad for this Raya Break, because I seriously need rest. Work, theatre, friends, church activities, visitors, family—these have taken up huge amounts of time and energy.

D154 (23rd August): First matter called at Sessions for CM.

D155: 5 Magistrates' files + 1 Sessions file = total bedlam.

D156: Matter settled, trial called off. Anticlimax to the max. Stayed in office till 10.30 for nothing.

D157: Got the talk today.

27th August: Nuzul Quaran. Gone fishing! Woot!

D158 (30th August): Merdeka Eve, in the office at 10.30pm eating McD's. Pathetic, yes, but hey, it's a free country.

D159: Waiting for Godot performed by two Mak Nyah. A surprisingly brilliant production.

D160: Dinner+Pud with my old muse.

D161: Why do litigators always give you work at the last minute? Why?!

D162 (6th September): A true roller coaster of a day.

D163: Uh-oh. Did I inadvertently breach a rule?

D164: KL Courts' Basement flooded today. Hilarity and annoyance ensue in equal measure as court staff run amok to save their cars and stand down matters.

D165: No rest for the wicked.

I've been looking forward to this long weekend...until I was given work to do over the weekend (yes, I'm looking at you, LMY). Already two thirds of it is gone, and I've given up doing every item on the To-Do List I had mentally prepared, just as I knew I would.

Oh well, at least my pupillage is ending soon. Can.not.wait. Woot!


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