Sunday, 17 October 2010

It's the Final Countdown

My very, very last batch of daily notes from my pupillage. Tomorrow's my last day and yes, I can smell it: the air of freedom.

D175 (27th September): Honesty>Breakthrough>Catharsis>Unexpected Lightness of Being.

D176: Petition hearing for grant of Letter of Administration.

D177: Teaching anything to an older lawyer feels weird.

D178: Bar Council Secretariat, I am deeply, deeply disappointed in you.

D179: Sayonara Betty & Veronika!

D176 (4th October): The answer's "Yes".

D177: Life's a musical. What songs are you choosing?

D178: And then it hit me like a brick wall.

D179: This moving business is extremely disruptive.

D180: Dinner, with entertainment.

D181 (11th October): The day I lost my phone. :(

D182: The day I got upset I lost my phone. :'(

D183: The day night we got our final scripts, and debated at the mamak. :S

D184: The day I remembered I have plenty to be happy about. :)

D185: The day off. :D


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