Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pour Tu

Do you feel like running? No, not resuming your jogging plan. No, not rushing to catch the train.  Not rushing at all. Just running. Away. Now. Fast. Not stopping. Until you reach somewhere. Until you reach into somewhere.

A place where you can exhale and lie on the grass and release, where you can forget the person you've become and meet again the person you were.

Where you can speak openly with your past and your present because no one there will make you doubt or fear or shy away. A place where you can swim in the river and let the fish tickle your toes. A place where you can cry and scratch and scream and laugh and jump and tumble and fall.

A place where you can scrub off the layers and layers of dirt and grime and pain and hate and grief and fear that's surrounded your heart, where you can just look at it for what it is, let it be and wear it on your sleeve without being afraid.

A place where you can fly. A place where you can hide. A place where you can rest. A place where you can be. A dream. A state of mind. A lake by a valley by a hill with a river. A free place. A place for us. Come, run with me, and we'll find that place together.


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