Thursday, 25 November 2010

At Last!

After 5 years of grappling, wearying and sacrificial dedication to this unfathomable, elusive, ever-changing, frustrating, abstract thing called "Law", I will finally be called as an advocate and solicitor of the Bar tomorrow morning. After that, you can officially label me scum of humanity. Just don't forget to settle my bill.

The ceremony will be at 10.00am Friday, 26th November 2010.
The venue: Mahkamah Rayuan & Kuasa-kuasa Khas 3, Level 3, Right Wing of the Jalan Duta Court Complex.
The presiding judge: Y.A. Pesuruhjaya Kehakiman Pn. Hadhariah bt. Syed Ismail.

If you're free, do drop by! It's probably be the only time you'll see everyone in a court in a happy mood.

In the evening, I will be celebrating the happy day at Apartment KLCC, around 10.00pm onwards. Reza Salleh will be launching his album "Realize" there, so there'll be live music from him and guests:
David Knight
Liyana Fizi
Zalila Lee
Isaac Entry
Mia Palencia
An extremely impressive line-up, if you ask me!

Come share with me the joy of joining the dark side; after all, they say it goes downhill from here on. Even if you don't like me (what with my new "lawyer" status and all), I'm sure you'll love the awesome music from these talented performers. See you there!


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