Monday, 1 November 2010

Lost & Found Plug #2

How was your Halloween? Mine was scary. I was a Hakka Association dinner in Klang. The second in a month. I never felt less Cina in my life. I donno whether I should be proud or embarrassed.

Lost & Found rehearsals are coming along well (see previous post). Here's the facebook event page. And here's a short interview on Clive with one of my directors, Gavin Yap.

I hope you're coming. It would mean a lot to me.

1 hour 15 minutes. No intermission.
You need to pay attention. You need to listen.
Because it's minimalist.
No giants, monsters or dragons.
No falling chandeliers, lasers, explosions, stunt doubles or ships.
No mother-in-laws. No villains. No superheroes. No tokens.
No set. No costumes. No props.
No, not even actors.
Just us. On stage.
With our stories and our truth.

Come with an open mind, and I hope you'll leave with a moved heart.

Ok, off to my last studio rehearsal. Tomorrow we bump-in to TAS Lot 10!


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