Monday, 21 February 2011

The Platfrom 2011

Last year I acted in and wrote for ‘Lost & Found’, a play at The Actors Studio Lot 10 directed by Joe Hasham and Gavin Yap. Through my involvement, I learnt a lot about writing, acting, performing and communicating, as well as about myself. I had the privilege of working with 2 well respected veteran directors as well as a warm and wonderful cast of 11 other writers and actors. It was one of the most exhausting, enjoyable and rewarding projects I ever did.

I got into ‘Lost & Found’ because I put up a short play in one of the monthly installments of ‘The Platform @ KLPAC’, with the help of friends Marina Tan, Khairil M Bahar, Amanda Ang, Aizat Faiz and Wan Azhar.

This year, I'm co-coordinating the season with the help of Marina Tan. The core concept's the same: an 'open mic night' for theatre in all its form (except musicals and dance) every first Monday of the month till July 2011, at Indicine KLPAC, 8.30pm. It's open to everyone and both admission and participation is free!

So, if you've got a performance you're dying to put up in any language (yes, any!) or even no language (physical theatre, mime, etc), then submit a piece to <theplaform at klpac dot org>. It's free and simple: no auditions, callbacks, script readings or endless rehearsals. If you've got something to show, then the stage is yours.

If you're looking for actors, scripts or directors, visit our fb page by looking for theplatform@klpac, and post up what you need.

You may even be chosen to perform at the full year-end production in November! So really, you've got nothing to lose!


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