Saturday, 5 March 2011


Yesterday morning, while waiting to turn into the entrance of my car park, a silver Honda gave way. I turned, and before I knew it my car had a small collision with a motorcycle which had zoomed out from the right side. The bike swerved into the curb and was clamped between the lamp post and fence. I moved my car out of the main road and came out. He (the motorcyclist) came off the bike, took off his helmet and looked a little shell shocked. He took off plug-in earphones. I thought, 'You should seriously not wear headphones when driving a bike, dude'. His leg was a little hurt but he declined my repeated offers to take him to a clinic.

I had to park my car inside the lot so as not to block the way. I came back and looking at his bike, his front wheel cap was damaged. I asked him how much it'd cost to fix it. 'Not much, 50 at most'. He also showed me some parts of my car fender that had flung out. I had no money and offered to go to the ATM nearby, right after I put those parts back in my car. By chance, my department's head clerk parked next to me and lent me the money. I paid him and asked him to be careful. What a way to start the morning.

In the office I opened my GMail and discovered that a university tutor of mine whom I had not been in contact with for years emailed me. I was very happy to get in touch again.

Then I found out an opposing party had accepted an offer for conditional stay, which meant I didn't have to oppose a hearing. I was even happier! Unfortunately, it didn't go through in the end as there was a disagreement as to costs. I now have to travel to Johor on Monday morning at an ungodly hour, again.

While this was happening, I got a text from my sister saying my neighbour had passed on. He had suffered from diabetes and other complications, but I did not expect the news.

Then, I was given translation work to do (besides my prep for the hearing), which is needed by tonight. (Nope, haven't touched it Jenny!).

I was emotionally confused by the end of the night.

On a separate note, I got a 1 Terabyte Seagate External Desk Drive today. Or, as the salesguy said in a Canto accent, "Yat Tela Seagate". Hopefully, it will last me for a long, long, long time. There was a printer and accessories fair at Digital Mall PJ, and I managed to pick up a cartridge for the house printer too.

Unfortunately, I also missed hearing myself on the radio (on my fave station no less) as I had to go shopping. Last Thursday BFM 89.9 ('The Business Station') had a small phone Q&A with me about The Platform @ KLPAC, which was supposed to be aired today around 1pm. Oh well.

I hope you're weekend's been great.


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