Monday, 28 March 2011


Presenting Legallese: a multi-venue, multi-performance, multi-group, multi-platform weeklong performing arts festival in celebration of Malaysian legal practice.

Karpal the Musical
Mediation, A song cycle

Song, Dance & Comedy
Oh Anwar! — An all male cabaret revue.
The Interpreters Interpretive Dance Collective presents Staying Still While Others Move.
The Bar Council Choir Committee — A special choir performance to raise awareness on human rights, with premier of specially commissioned song, MyConsti.
Kangaroo Court — Stand-up comedy by retired judges.

Istilah-istilah — Malay and English script readings.
Res Ipsa Luquitor — An all-out, no holds barred farce.
Masters & Pupils — A comedy.
They're Paying You How Much?— Theatre of the absurd.
Section 302 — A courtroom thriller.
Death by Pieces — A tragedy.
Ganja dan Syabu — A two-hander tragicomedy. (Malay, English and Hokkien with surtitles).
OneLawyer, OneMalaysia? — A monologue, both contemplative and impassioned, on the challenges and future of the legal profession in the country, with special on-site multimedia installations by the Cultural Committee & IT Committee.
Duta Complex — A fast moving physical theatre performance.
Keep Pushing Intensely (KPI) — Interactive improvised theatre. Bring your wits and sportsgear.

Against the Order of Nature — A special indie documentary film screening (subject to last minute change).

So...does anyone wants to be co-director of this festival?

Hehe, have a good week everyone!

P.S. How was your Earth Hour?


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