Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Actors and Directors Ahoy!

If you are interested in trying out acting and/or directing, I have a short play called "Lunch Break" in need of a director and 3 actors (2M 1F). You can even try directing and acting simultaneously.

It was written for KLPAC's Platform, a monthly open mike night for theatre, and I am hoping to have it performed on the 5th of April there. A performance will be picked from every month's line-up to be featured in KLPAC's year end Platform showcase: a full length, full budget, tickets-for-sale and your-name-on-the-playbill showcase. So yes, this may be your first step to stardom.

You do not need prior experience but you will need some time to rehearse. If you've not tried this before, it's an excellent opportunity to do so (trust me, it's great fun!). Note that I will leave the direction of the play entirely to the director, so obsessive-compulsives are free to apply. (Megalomaniacs, however, should refrain: no big budget side effects, moving sets, elaborate costumes, make up or pyrotechnics I'm afraid.)

If you are interested and would like to look at the script, please contact me. My Google address is "joshychong".


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