Sunday, 14 March 2010

On With The Show

More daily jots from my pupillage, for the first half of March. For past entries, click on the "Updates" category link.

D36 (1st March): Evening thunderstorm in KL. Traffic MAYHEM!!! But I made it to The Platform@KLPAC!

D37: It takes all sorts to make the world go round.

D38: Goodbye Carole and Liyana!

D39: If you don't have time for your friends, how long will they stay your friends?

D40: People change: some for better, some for worse, most for both. Accept this without too much thought, disquiet or regret. If you manage to do so, tell me how.

D41 (8th March): Goodbye PCK! Good luck at the A/G's Chambers.

D44: Time: fleeting. True friends: few. Life: short. Appreciate all three.

D43: How much paper do you have to dump on a man to kill him? Hmmm...

D43: I had eight servings of EMP's Jambalaya@Central Market. It was great fun at the time but I'll probably suffer tomorrow.

D44: To completely forget about work, even for a while, is pure bliss. Thank you MPO, Stephen Rahman Hughes and everyone who came tonight. (I have to add though: going back to the office afterward is an unwelcome anticlimax.)

Tomorrow's my short call date!


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