Saturday, 10 April 2010

I'm Easy Come, Easy Go, Little High, Little Low

More musings on the road to being called to the Bar, March 29th to April 9th.

D55 (29th March): Why must the courts be soooo anal?!

D56: Sometimes I wonder why we have a "Constitution" at all.

D57: Dear Older Generation, thank you for destroying my planet, ruining my country and parenting all these jerks around me. RESPECT yo!

D58: Another new pupil.

D59: I think that sometimes, it's best not to think at all.

D60 (5th April): My play got performed today! Thank you to all who helped out and to those who came.

D61: Watch your step. It's a minefield out there.

D62: Rooftops are good for dreaming on, and apparently restaurants, gyms, theatres and clubs too.

D63: "It's all about the money."

D64: Reckless restlessness redux.


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