Sunday, 25 April 2010


  • am older but am not old—this is an awkward stage to be in at social settings.
  • need new work shoes—the right sole tore on my old pair.
  • miss the UK intermittently—it's surprising how random scenes, people, places from uni days pop up in my head suddenly.
  • am unsure about many things, but am not altogether too bothered about it for now, thankfully.
  • am not looking forward to leaving for work at 7.30am tomorrow.
  • need a new phone—current one hasn't be working properly for more than a year.
  • detest the fact that everyone's disgustingly busy.
  • wish I had more time for myself: to read, to write, to watch movies, to bake, to run, to swim, to paint, to go to the gym, to people-watch, to dream.
  • am looking forward to dinner with an old friend tomorrow night.
  • do love my country, despite it's many, many flaws.
  • am okay.


Lydia said...

:( :( So, so sorry my dear friend. I am guilty of being disgustingly busy :( Shall we make plans to meet up this weekend maybe? I'd love to have some sort english breakfast on saturday!

GJ said...

I is for icecream!

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