Tuesday, 25 May 2010

It's the Terror of Knowing What the World Is About

Sorry I've not posted often; been busy and the router at home has gone kaput. Anyway, here are my daily pupillage notes, from 10th to 21st May.

D81 (10th May): Dreams can turn into nightmares, and nightmares into dreams.

D82: "If you're moving towards peace, you're moving away from money. If you're moving towards money, you're moving away from peace."

D83: Going to the High Court nearby is almost like working from home!

D84: Goodbye Gordon! Hello David! And, err...Nick I suppose.

D85: All bets off. Back to war.

D86 (17th May): The audacity of some lawyers!

D87: Tenaganita Legal Aid Training Day 1. (I'm missing a trial I've prepared months for and it's raining buckets!).

D88: Day 2 of Legal Aid Training. Daniel Lo says, "If you always fight for truth and justice, you will never lose a case".

D89: Friends make my world go round.

D90: I was fortunate enough to hear Y.A. Dato' Azhar's landmark decision on Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal's case. I'd never guess the "Law, Literature & Art" course I took at uni would come to life so soon!

P.S. In case you haven't notice yet, all my posts viz. pupillage are titled with lines from Queen songs.


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