Saturday, 5 June 2010

Take a Look at All the Suffering We Breed

I am re-wired at home now that the spoilt router has been replaced, but work truly has taken much of my time and attention, so blogging has taken a back-seat so to speak.

People know how busy I am; some basically give me the impression that they think I've sold my soul to the devil (sometimes I myself wonder if there's merit to that claim), but the worse thing for me is that the invitations stop coming after a while. If the answer's always "No", why bother right?

Soon my only friends will be lawyers...From the firm I work in. I shudder at the thought...too late! too late! In for a penny, in for a pound.

More notes from my pupillage, 24th May to 4th June.

D91 (24th May): New shoes! Same crap...

D92: Legal Aid Session #1.

D93: "Will your principles and morals feed you?"

D94: Air cond down. Can.not.breathe.

D95 (31st May):  Goodbye Kenwayne!

D96: Legal Aid Session #2. My country is so screwed up.

D97: JID to death.

D98: Birthday celebrations for Emily and Vivian. Yay!

D98: "Everyday you can be tired, but not everyday you can meet up." True dat Daron!

I've done 2 out of my requisite 10 sessions at Tenaganita (every Tuesday), and I've already read and seen enough to conclude that there are some aspects of my country that are truly deplorable. I'm talking about stuff we as Malaysians should be utterly ashamed off, stuff we should shout about everywhere...but no, because we are (choose to be?) ignorant. And even if we cared, the truth is unknown because it is rarely told, and when told, suppressed by those in whose interests it is to keep us ignorant.

We have no qualms highlighting and condemning the evils of others: the past imperialists and colonialists of Britain and Japan, the "Zionist regime" of Israel, the self-serving Americans, the hypocritical West, the tyrants of failed states, etc. etc. etc. Yet in our own backyard, migrant workers and exploited over and over and over again, refugees are whipped, tortured, detained and trafficked, people are being sold as slaves and prostitutes. Yes, by our very own countrymen.

Parts of our country seem to be run by gang lords, criminals, runners, syndicates, agents, middle-men and corrupt politicians who don't want you to know this. It all makes me sick sometimes...


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