Sunday, 20 June 2010

Happy Father's & International Refugee's Day!

This weekend was breathless: a Bible class on Friday and today,  song-leading today, a youth meeting yesterday and Adam the Musical at Actor's Studio Lot 10 Rooftop this evening, which was quite an experience. It feels like I've used the weekend well, and there's a sense of satisfaction in that. Yet, there are books waiting to be read, DVDs meant to be watched, and pieces swimming in my head, waiting to be written down. In particular I would like to write a play for Short+Sweet, but finding the time to do so before the deadline may be tricky. Time, we all need more of it.

Anyway, here are notes from my pupillage, 7th to 18th June.

D99 (7th June): It's always good to get out of your box once in a while.

D100: Conspicuously not at Legal Aid today.

D101: Jaya Grocer's at Empire Subang. I am one happy bunny.

D102: Capital Reduction has reduced me to tears.

D103: I don't remember about this being in my employment contract. Oh wait, I don't have a contract.

D104 (14th June): Stamp duty calls!

D105: Legal Aid Duty #3. A bad day that turned out well in the end.

D106: Ethics & Professional Standards Course: what a drag!

D107: Sometimes, all you can expect is apathy.

D108: Q: What, you have no life ah? A: No, I was working for you.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish everybody a very (late) Happy Father's Day, and Happy Refugee's Day too! I hope you had a great weekend.


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