Saturday, 26 June 2010

I Wanna Make a Supersonic Man Out of You

I've finished my play for Short+Sweet. It just needs some proof-reading and then I'll send it off, fingers crossed it'll get picked. Next week is going to be really long, 2 days in court, 1 day at legal aid, half a day for an introductory session with a KL Bar Committee member, and for those days when I'm actually in the office: a photoshoot (don't ask), 6 bills to prepare (all overdue), a capital reduction petition, case summary for submissions, research on credit letters...yes, you're right...there's no way I can do all that!

Notes from my pupillage, from 21st to 25th June.

D109 (21st June): Be careful, cause word gets around.

D110: "I won't even donate blood to help them!" (Yes, referring to the KLBar's Blood Donation Drive).

D111: "Don't be so cynical Josh!"

D112: Such a drag.

D113: Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or kill.

God help me, I hope I'll survive next week!


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