Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

Hello World,
I figured today would be a pretty good time to start blogging again.
Of course with any new blog, there are some preliminary issues to sort out: the template/layout/colour scheme/fonts, the which obligatory 'About' words and some introductory posts.

Of course in a perfect world, I'd fall in love with the first template I google for, and it'd be so ideal a template that I needn't change a
I'd then immediately find the perfect words to describe the blog and myself—concise sentences and apt phrases which are accurate but still mysterious enough to keep readers curiously coming back. Then I'd hit the ground running, posting wonderfully insightful, profound, thought-provoking, funny and/or creative posts on a daily basis, slowly garnering a faithful following of readers before eventually discovering thatI have reached the status of a demi-god in the blogosphere. Ah, if only world domination were that easy.

No, the truth is finding the right template was difficult, very difficult, and finding the right words can sometimes be even more so. We do not live in perfect world; if we did there'd not be much to blog about.

In fact, if anything, the world right now is extremely flawed and broken, divided and demoralised. Many of the events of the past year have only heightened our realisation of the complicated, difficult and massive problems we face and will come face. I have never remembered so much negativity at the start of a new year; it seems everyone is truly toning down their expectations and bracing themselves for the worse. Perhaps this year will be a sobering one for all of us, to not live as wastefully, ostentatiously, selfishly or destructively as we have in times past.

Perhaps if we all pulled our load and also lend out a helping hand, then maybe it won't be as bad as we expect. And even if it will be, we can definitely learn to re-evaluate the way we do things, be it on an economic, societal, national or even spiritual and moral basis.

And while it may be foolish or misplaced, we need a little optimism right now. I wish you all the best for the coming year...



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