Friday, 23 January 2009


Yesterday I headed to my fave booksellers to use some book vouchers and came back with quite a stash. I was pretty happy about that, being a book lover.

Today, unfortunately, I found out that the blog's previous template, which I had searched so hard for, had some serious flaws with regards to the post footer items. If I were an XML/HTML whiz I could probably have fixed it, but I'm not so I had to abandon the old template after trying very hard to fix it. I suppose this normally shouldn't be a big deal (especially if you're the type that changes templates every other week—I'm not), but this is bloody frustrating because I spent hours looking for that template. I suppose I should have scrutinised it more thoroughly before using it. At least I didn't spend too much time tweaking the color scheme, which I had planned to do, otherwise I'd be even more exasperated.

For now, it's a plain old Blogger template but at least I'm still using the old header image. As much I'd like to, after this ordeal, I don't think I will be looking for a spiffy new template for a while. After all, it's supposed to be all about the posts, right? :s


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