Sunday, 15 March 2009

Blog & Roll (Not) Friday: daily dose of imagery

My apologies to everyone for not posting this last Friday. Lots of stuff has happened, including a hilarious predicament, good Tiramisu (I always thought it sounded more Japanese than Italian) taken with a view to kill for, a horrible accident (not involving me, thankfully), and an ironic slap from Fate, right in the guts. Plus plenty of the usual boring stuff in between. Oh, and a simmering crisis (definitely involving me) yet unresolved. Ah, c'est la vie!

Anyway, this week's featured blog is daily dose of imagery, an award-wining photoblog I've followed for years. Photographer Sam Javanrouh is based in Toronto, but posts pictures from around the globe. Most of his work portrays cities and it's colourful denizens (in particular his snowy Toronto) , from huge buildings to busy streets to large crowds to solitary cyclists, all captured through his sharp eye. Javanrouh's sublime photos can make skylines look familiar or anonymous, showing how so many cities look like so many other cities, and can make small, commonplace objects take on epic meanings previously unknown. Good stuff.

Click on the post title to visit. Enjoy!


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