Monday, 23 March 2009


Lovelysmartsexycool people out there,
  1. Pleeeaaassee comment. Loved it? Hated it? Totally agreed? Wanted to punch me? Whatever it is, comment!
  2. Other forms of constructive feedback on how to improve/what to write on is more than welcome. You know how to get me, I'm sure.
  3. If you subscribe to my posts with a feed reader, please ignore if a post that you've read before is republished/appears again. It's only because I correct spelling and grammatical mistakes in previous posts that that happens. Yes, I'm anal like that.
  4. If you notice that some of my posts are published at peculiar days or times (eg: early in the morning), it's really because I use a post scheduler which publishes them at a previously set date and time, so don't assume the date or time stamped reflects when I actually wrote the post. No, of course I don't actually write on this blog every day. I don't have that much free time, I just use the scheduler to keep a regular pace.
That is all.



Anonymous said...

i read your blog regularly, but my safari was rubbish as i couldn't see the word verification thingy! got it corrected already and hopefully i will be able to leave more comments! love the blogroll the most. of course, you are always insightful and i love wordy posts!

Algy said...

Don't worry Lydia, I knew it was you. And you can use your name, it's fine.

I'm touched that you read my blog regularly, even my loooong posts, because I know you are a very busy person. It's quite a compliment, and I'm very flattered. Thank you.

Hope you're well. Will email/fb you soon.


PS. If you don't like Safari, you can download Firefox for Mac like I did. It works just like the Windows version.

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