Saturday, 14 February 2009

Happy Valentine's

Dear World,
To the lovers out there: have a nice one today (and tonight).
To the singletons out there: it's good not needing to spend money on other people right now.

I love you all,


Anonymous said...

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day. Bf cooked confit de canard which was really, really good. Looks like i have competition in the kitchen. Keep updating, and drop by my blog tooo (although i know, i have been updating much sorry). what does the header mean?


Algernon said...

Hi L,
For one sec I was wondering who you were until I saw your name. Thanks for visiting and take your time reading. :)

Glad you had a nice V Day. I was busy all day.

I still read your blog regularly!!

The header is just a little self-indulgence really. You can easily find out what it means. ;)


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