Friday, 20 February 2009

Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba!

Re: Lion King the Musical Casting

Dear Mr. Producer,
Please cast me as Pumba in the upcoming show. I think I would play the part quite well. If that role is unavailable, please cast me as the rear of the rhinoceros in the opening sequence. Attached is my CV. Thank you.

Algernon deWeizer


ash said...

could not finish watching for fear of spoiling climax via youtube. will save up to watch it on west end. someday. gave me goosebumps. amazing.

Algernon said...

There is no real climax, it's just the opening sequence performed at the Tony's, so I don't think it would harm the experience of you going to watch the 3 hour show.
But yes, it is amazing.

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