Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mad Libs

If you simply recruit people, you will have all these problems...You may take naked photos in your home, but you must make sure the public do not get to it.
Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, (as reported in The Sun, pg. 2, 17/2/2009), commenting on the recent public circulation of revealing photos of PKR Assemblywoman Elizabeth Wong, who has offered to quit all her posts.

This isn't the first time the Home Minister has said something that offends my sense of reason. Remember the remarks about detaining the Sin Chew Daily reporter under the ISA "for her own protection"? Then there was the request that Malaysians "not to make heroes out of criminals" in the wake of the controversial death of A. Kugan, who died in police custody, although of course he was just speaking "generally". This from a former law minister!

He's officially taken over Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz (another former law minister) as Malaysian politician I would most like to (verb). However, coming in at a very, very close second is former MB of Selangor, Dato' Seri Mohamed Khir Bin Toyo:
It's the right thing to do...It's good that there is a trend in Malaysia now where embattled elected representatives readily resign from their posts...This is about public morality...whether the pictures were taken with or without consent is another matter.
(As reported in The Star, pg. N8 & N26, 18/2/2009)
Hmmm...that's funny. He didn't seem to have the same views when he himself was involved in a string of scandals, controversies and allegations of corruption (too many to go through here). He also seems perfectly comfortable with a man being Deputy President of MCA after video recordings of his adultery spread to the public via DVD. In fact, why didn't those calling for Ms. Wong's blood now call for a ban on his nomination for Deputy President? Hmmm...

Oh, what an ugly circus! Sigh. How on earth did it get to this? Amir Muhammad is right: Malaysian politicians really do say the darndest things! Go buy his book people! Only RM 25. It's got nice pictures, so it' s worth your money. Trust me.


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